Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One year pictures

Millie's birthday dress

Walking walking always walking

And falling. Always walking or falling.

baby doll


Fourth generation USC fan


Washing it down with milk!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our days

Just some silly things Millie does that I want to remember.

If she hears Jordan's keys in the door when he comes home, she starts crawling as fast as possible to the door.
She hates dresses because its hard to crawl.
When she crawls excitedly,  her hands and legs slip back making her very inefficient.
She loves just about anything in a bottle so she gets some gross veggies and water drinks with a tiny bit of fruit.
Pulling hair is hilarious.
Her belly button pops out when her belly is full.
She loves food and gobbles aything up as long as she gets variety.
She loves her umbrella stroller and is either dancing snd reaching for everything or she is soooo relaxed.
She really loves having a blanket to snuggle in the car or when she is sleepy.
Her favorite toys are maracas. Second is pill bottles. Third, a toothbrush.
She likes to get on her tip toes to clean out her high chair crumbs after she is done eating.
Food is way better if she sees us eating the same thing.
She wiggles and stretches her toes after I take her shoes off.
She pulls her pacifier out to tell stories.
Going places takes forever because Amelia is always making friends.
She likes to eat noses instead of kiss.
She does not understand gravity and drinking bottles so she tries to drink while crawling, standing, playing with no success.

I love my cute little best girl!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This cute girl is learning so many new tricks! Here is a wave haha

Thursday, July 11, 2013

the gate

Amelia hates this gate on the kirchen! Here she is trying to climb it haha
This Iis what Amelia does anytime she sees her blanket! She pants and gets excited and anxious. It means milk is coming and she can't wait!
This is her happy dance for getting puffs (a baby food treat)


Amelia is the champion raspberry blower. Thia was just another day at Target. She usually isn't in her carrier in the cart anymore but I was hoping she'd fall asleep... you can guess how that worked.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


This girl is really starting to be trouble... but I secretly love it!!
Got on the couch and climbed over the arm to the printer
Apparently she needs to be buckled now
Her favorite place
Her second favorite place. We have since bought a gate for the kitchen and it makes her so mad!